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List Includes: Alarm Clocks Tones, Alien Ship Tones, Assassin Creed Tones, Austin Power Tones, Bio Hazard Tones, Blip Tones, Bomb Tones, Car Lock Tones, Crank Ring Tones, Dark Knight Tones, Decpicable Me Tones, Digital Tones, Dog Bark Tones, Electric Tones, Euro Trip Tones, Game of Thrones Tones, General Lee Tones, God Father Tones, Goonie Tones, Hallooween Tones, Harry Potter Tones, Hunger Game Tones, iPro Tones, Kill Bill Tones, Knight Rider Tones, Little Big Planet Tones, Lord of the Ring Tones, Mac Tones, Mario Brothers Tones, Metal Gear Solid Tones, Nine Tones, Pirates of the Caribbean Tones, Police Tones, Portal Tones, R2-D2 Tones, Sniper Rifle Tones, Space Alarm Tones, Star Wars Tones, Sword Slash Tones, Thunder Tones, Tinker Bell Tones, Transformer Tones, True Blood Tones, Turbo Car Engine Tones, Twitter Tones, Wii Tones, Windows Tones, Xbox 360 Tones … and more to come

Disclaimer: All tones are provided by a link sent to you via email that is provided by you when accepting and processing your payment through PayPal.  The iTuens and PayPal logos are the the Trade Marks of Apple and PayPal.  All information provided to Clockworx Gaming for the purchase of the tones is processed through PayPal.  Any and all disputes regarding inforamtion provided or payments prosessed will be handled through PayPal.  Links sent for the download of the tones are good for 3 days.  After 3 days, a new link will need to be sent at the cost of price origanly paid.

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